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Frustrated and Pissed? Hell Yes.

Ok, so this is my first time posting here. I'm not new to ranting like out loud or in a notebook, and it'd be excellent to say what I wanna say off my chest knowing that no one I wouldn't want to find out find this.

Anyways! I want to start off with how I got into my situation. I'm currently being homeschooled because I got injured in a class excercise. Now, I'm stuck with two herniated disks, a scar on my spine, and a whole lot of other crap. The teacher that was supposed to be watching us and supervising decided that he could leave the class with the class leaders who are our age and don't know shit about what they're doing or what we're supposed to do.

It's about 10:30 or so in the morning and when I got injured at first I didn't feel a thing but a slight ache and when it came to my last class I couldn't even move so I was brought to the E.R. and all this happened over a few days before Spring Break.

Spring Break comes and goes and when I go back to school thinking I'm all better after also suffering from severe muscle spasms, it turns out that my teacher had no clue about what happened to me. WTF?! Almost all of the teachers were aware of what frickin' happened to me as well as some of the lunch ladies and my teacher had no clue?!  So, when he did find out he acted all nice instead of acting like the total dickhead that he is because he and the a lot of the teachers (especially the principal) were scared shitless thinking that my mom would sue the school.

A lot of my classmates and a surprising amount of teachers thought that I should've and that the school should've paid for any treatment that I received. 

To make a long ass story short, it's been a year, I somehow "reinjured" myself just carrying my backpack because now I'm prone to back problems. SO, since my mobility is now SIGNIFICANTLY limited I have to stay home and be homeschooled. This is where the real ranting starts.

Ya see, I have this teacher for my Italian class that is a total bitch. She keeps riding my ass about getting my work done and turning this thing in or that. Well, ya know what? 

I have other subjects besides, yours lady so it'd be much appreciated if you shut your fucking trap and leave me the hell alone. I give you as much as I can as fast as I can but you're not my only teacher and I still have crapload from them so be a little considerate and remember that I can't just teach myself the fucking language, after all that's what your damn class was for!

She gives me chapter after chapter of assignments along with projects and worksheets. Not only that, she gives me an impossible amount all at ONCE. When I joined her class I was really excited and thought that of all my teachers she'd be one of the most understanding since she not only has a medical problem but also because I did well in her class.

Well, it goes to show that looks can be hella deceiving. She fucking overestimates me and when I don't reach her standards then somehow it's my fault. 

My homebound teacher is quite nice and I like her and she supports and helps me and when she talks to that bitch of a teacher, my Italian teacher throws a fit and acts like a haughty old hag. She failed me in my first semester (right at the time when I began the homebound program) because I WASN'T THERE. OF COURSE I WASN'T THERE! I WAS AT HOME IN BED BECAUSE I COULD HARDLY SIT UP! AND BEFORE THAT, NOT THAT SHE WOULD CARE, BUT I WAS ALSO AT THE DAMN HOSPITAL SO EXCUSE ME FOR NOT BEING IN SCHOOL.

Go to hell, Sig.ra O. You suck, you're old fashioned, and you need to retire.

ANOTHER teacher that I'd wish would just suck it is my math teacher.

We aren't all math wizzes so don't fucking expect us to know what you're saying and skip parts! I suck a math and always have except for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  I can work with algebra but for things like geometry? 

Forget it. I don't follow ,and repeating the lesson over and over without a change in your "technique" isn't helping any! You suck at teaching and your corny ass jokes aren't funny so stop trying because they won't improve my grade.

THEN I have my history teacher. Great guy and all, but c'mon, I don't have superhuman speed, I'm sorry. I can't get my work done any faster considering I can't sit up long enough to finish the damn thing. Getting assigned essay after essay isn't helping either. 

Just because I don't get my work done fast enough for your liking doesn't mean that I deserve an F, asshole. Have a little damn patience I'm going as fast as I can! Plus, isn't it quality over quantity? Or do teachers not give a crap anymore? If you're not happy with it, that's too damn bad, I have more important things to worry about.

There's also my literature teacher. I used to LOVE literature. Lately, I hate it with a passion.

My teacher expects a fucking research/thesis paper among other things and all that work from before? All those questions for that novel? What was the fucking point of that? To make sure we read the book? 


Not only those questions, but I've also had to do what seemed like "busy work"! 

It's like you have no idea what to do with us SO you give us pointless work! We don't need it, it's annoying and you just burden yourself with correcting more papers when you can't even get some of our previous papers graded and returned for at least 2 FUCKING MONTHS.

I'm basically sick of all my teachers but there's nothing I can do about it but rant. I hate my school because it's too flippin' big and I can't get around anymore. I'm tired, I'm frustrated and I'm sick of trying so hard but getting shit in return.

I know, life's rough, it's unfair, it basically just SUCKS. I get that but I'd like to get at least a bit of a damn break once in a while.

I'm still doing homework and it's almost the ass crack of dawn. I want nothing more that to start throwing punches but then there's the whole "Oh well you can't strain your back!" and all that other bullshit. I KNOW what I can't do but it doesn't stop me from WANTING to do it. Just because I said I WANT to do it doesn't mean that I actually will!


I...feel slightly better now....thank you.
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