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27 April 2009 @ 06:25 pm
I have given up attempting to comprehend you.

With 'given up attempting to comprehend' meaning 'what the flying fuck' and 'you' being 'the people at the district office in charge of hiring new teachers'.

Now, I understand that money is tight right now. I can understand (kind of) not getting a new teacher to replace the one that is retiring. I can understand taking transfer teachers from other schools to fill the roster before hiring new people.

On behalf of my mother:

My mother is exceedingly over-qualified for the positions open. She has a masters and PhD in Agronomy, and another masters in secondary education. She has been a substitute teacher going on five years now, because apparently no one wants to hire teachers.

There were two High School Science jobs open in the district.

You gave them to a pair of college kids - not fresh graduates, but kids still completing their degrees. They graduate this spring.

WHAT. Fail, LPSDO. Fail.

On behalf of my German Teacher:

You pulled this shenanigans last year, you rat bastards, and it didn't work then. Except now you're pulling it harder.

German I: Two classes of 15-20 kids consolidated into one class of 35-40.
German II: Stays the same.
German III: Smushed into the same room as German IV, both being taught simultaneously by one teacher.
Extra Plan Period: Study Hall Supervisor.

And then she's sent half-way across town to teach German IV at another highschool, which gets rid of one of her plan periods. So. One plan to prepare for and grade five separate classes, with a twenty minute drive twice a day.

I do not blame you for retiring instead, Frau.

On behalf of the entire Forensics team:

We have both the best Speech team and the best Debate team in the entire State. Debate has won state speech for three years running, and regularly to exceedingly well in both CatNats and Nationals. They went those first two years without a coach. So. This year, you finally get them a coach - a really good one, at that. They do amazingly.

Obviously the logical thing to do is to get rid of the debate program in its entirety. Obviously.
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19 May 2008 @ 03:27 am
Ok, so this is my first time posting here. I'm not new to ranting like out loud or in a notebook, and it'd be excellent to say what I wanna say off my chest knowing that no one I wouldn't want to find out find this.

19 April 2008 @ 11:22 am
Dear Ms. C:

The character of Othello, from the play Othello, is an older man.

I'm not sure where you got the idea in your head that he isn't, and I'm really not sure why you felt the need to interrupt my friend J in the middle of his presentation (about Brave New World, comparing Othello to one of the characters) to tell him he was wrong.

I'm even more confused about why, when he came in after class with his copy of Othello, and pointed out several parts of the text that show that Othello is no longer a young man, you still insisted that he was wrong.

Maybe you've never read the play. Maybe the comparison in J's presentation wasn't a particularly good one. Maybe you resent a student knowing more about a well-known piece of literature than you, his English teacher, do. I don't know. But considering that this is just the most recent horror story I've heard about you*, I'm not surprised in the least that you are hands down the most-complained-about teacher in the school.

Extremely glad I don't have you,

*No, your students can't present an entire act of Hamlet in twenty minutes. It's not possible, unless they all said their lines simultaneously and without breathing.
13 March 2008 @ 06:38 pm
Dear pretty much every teacher I've ever had (or at least the ones that wrote the tests),

'Describe such and such' is not a question. Therefore, it does not need a question mark.

This is particularly sad on my English tests.

No love,
With a guy who a big tree-hugger as him, you'd think he would try not to use so much paper. But with all the packets he's copied for us, I think my paper stack is 3 inches thick. And most of it is optional reading. He should ask us who wants a packet and then only make copies for them.

And then we have our portfolios due in two weeks. We need 18 poems, 2 short stories, a memoir, a submission for the Fine Arts magazine, and a manifesto of the self. That's a grand total of 58 pages. Then with the 13 students, that's around 754 pages--at the minimum.

Save a forest and have us email you the portfolio!
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09 November 2007 @ 01:46 am
Dear Public Speaking Professor,

You are a guest professor here. I would have thought you would have read the rules. Classes in English are translated into Croatian, and it is supposed to work the other way around. I was required to take your class, and you arranged nothing. One of the students translated for me, and it worked okay. However, you never translated the syllabus, assignments, or the exam. You had someone orally translate the exam, a different translater from the person who'd been doing it during the class. I had no idea what was going on.

Also, you were unclear on when things were due. In class you told us we had 2-3 weeks for the paper, "depending on how long we needed." Today, I found out it was due Sunday. How is that even possible? The lady who collects our papers doesn't work on Sunday. I would have asked the other students about it, but I've had the flu all week and haven't been able to go over to the dorm.

Please, try to think about the other students. In this class, I was the only non-Croatian speaker, but in other ones, there are a few. The rules say we should get equal treatment. The school is supposed to be an English school anyway. I plan on bringing this up with the administration. It wasn't fair at all. The joke is on you, though, because my dad, who's student you will soon be, now doesn't like you very much.

No love,
26 September 2007 @ 06:27 pm

At the beginning of the semester, I was pretty sure you were going to be my favorite teacher. You were interesting, nice, and fun (though a little impatient when someone didn't understand something). You knew a lot about the subject, and were good at teaching it.

But the fact that you wouldn't let me make up any missed homework, labs, or classwork after I was out for three days with possible strep throat... Yeah, that kind of overshadowed any positive effect you had on me. I don't care if "it's my responsibility to be in class, and to get the work then". Would you rather have had me come in and cough on you?

I'm not saying that's the only reason I got a C- that quarter. But it sure as hell was a part of it. 

... And just a little note to my sixth grade LA teacher from way back when: 

If someone can get half the questions on a test wrong and still get an A, it means your scoring method needs some work. Also, if you take pride in this fact, it means you should quit your job.

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